Organizing Your Move On a Rainy Day

Moving during bad weather in Oklahoma City is never fun. Whether you’re packing up your house before the storm, or unpacking after it’s over, there are some things that everyone should know to make the process a little easier.

Bad weather is in the forecast, and you’re concerned about moving. Break down your boxes before packing them up, so you can fit more into each load. Larger pieces of furniture like dressers should be emptied out as well – it will make transporting easier on both you and your movers! If there’s any food or drink left in open containers when you pack up the kitchen (or if everyone has already finished eating), put all items together to prevent anything from spilling or getting crushed during transport.

Moving During Bad Weather In Oklahoma City

Label everything for easy unpacking later on by putting a piece of masking tape with the room name written clearly across it onto each box/item that belongs in that space . This makes unloading really simple! Also try to keep your car empty for the trip, so you have room to take everything in one load. If your moving truck is full but there are still a few things left at home or if you’re waiting for public transit/a ride, use plastic bags and garbage bags to protect items during storage. Fill them with coats, pillows, shoes – anything that can get wet!

If bad weather has already hit when it’s time to move: Know where rain ponchos (and hand sanitizer) are before loading up into the truck . You don’t want anyone getting sick after they’ve moved all their stuff because of not being properly prepared in advance; do everyone a favor by keeping these essentials close at hand while packing up. Use plastic covers to protect any electronics that you’re moving – laptops, speakers, etc. You can also use garbage bags for this purpose if they won’t fit inside the boxes . If there are windows in your home during packing up/unpacking time (which shouldn’t be happening if it’s storming outside), put down tape or a board over them so no broken glass gets blown in by wind gusts and cause damage later on. Try not to move anything out of place when checking window coverings!