The photographs of your wedding will remain the unique and indelible mark of this special day through time. This is why the preparation of your shoot should attract your full attention. Do not panic! Discover the ten most important rules to organize this stage brilliantly.

1 – Contact your photographer in advance

If you already have a few names of photographers in mind, get in touch with them to book the date of your wedding without delay. Remember to book your photographer well in advance. Indeed, if he is as good as you think he is, maybe he has a lot of success with the other bride and groom too. In addition, he can give you a lot of advice for the organization of your wedding.

2 – Create a relationship of trust with your photographer

This rule also involves making early contact and remains essential to feel comfortable on D-Day. One of the most important rules for me is to have a good feeling with the bride and groom. For me, having a good feeling with the bride and groom is so important that I can even go so far as to refuse a contract if the feeling has not passed.

3 – Plan your couple session in the D-Day schedule

Remember to plan the time of the shooting to take care of the result. If you aren’t superstitious about your fiancé seeing you in a wedding dress before the ceremony, why not plan your couple photos in the morning for a flawless look and to enjoy your guests in the thick of the day. ? Plan an hour for couple photos.

4 – Choose a place that is close to your heart

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity to stage yourself in a place dear to you—finally, a precious piece of advice from the photographer. Take care of the decor. The mess in the hotel room, it shows!

5 – Vary the shots! 

Multiply the shots and stay tuned to the photographer for a varied result that meets your expectations. Also, test different perspectives and do not hesitate to change your angle of view”.

6 – Get organized for group photos

A wedding shoot involves photos for two and group photos that can quickly turn into a big mess without preparation. Make your guest lists for the group photos before the wedding and give the list to your witness, who will take care of calling people. You will save time, and your photographer will be happy.

7 – Stay natural! 

Several tips exist to relax you during the shooting and thus appear more natural. This requires in particular good communication with your photographer, but also, if necessary, by carrying out an “engagement session” sometime before the wedding to take your marks.

8 – Plan a plan B in case of bad weather

Make sure that you can count on indoor photos in case of disappointments on D-Day. Every wedding is different, that’s why you always have to prepare yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises and reduce the risk.

9 – Think about the light!

The time chosen to carry out your wedding shoot will inevitably influence the light that your photos will benefit from. Talk to your photographer beforehand. Trust your photographer to know when the light is beautiful. Even if you have to get up in the middle of the meal, you will not be disappointed with the result.

10 – Dare to be original!

Because your couple is unique, your photoshoot must be just as much! Your photographer will undoubtedly have rich and varied ideas to suggest to you if you want a result out of the ordinary. Do not hesitate to take inspiration on Instagram, a perfect tool for finding ideas for composition, group positioning and inspiration from photography mentors!

To prepare your wedding shoot as calmly as possible, go through the points on this list step by step with the help of your photographer.